Total Harmony Enterprises | The RECHARGE Strategist
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Total Harmony Enterprises is a health and wellness company that focuses on the total person- Mind, Body, and Spirit with special emphasis on performing self care to RECHARGE your life and soar with greatness. This emphasis is exhibited by means of Health/Wellness Seminars, Workshops, Expos, Public Speaking, Coaching, and Self Written and Published information

Teaching women strategies forĀ self care to recharge their mental, physical, and emotional batteries for success in life and in business.


Everything starts in the mind. Without a healthy mindset you can not make healthy, reasonable, and beneficial decisions for your life, for your family, or your business. Your mindset and thinking shapes the end result of every situation. When you RECHARGE your mind you gain clarity. Let the RECHARGE Strategist teach you how to recharge mentally.


Your body is your temple. It is a fine tuned machine that requires routine maintenance to function properly. The way you maintain your body dictates the outcome of your health. Proper nutrition, staying hydrated, and exercising regularly are just 3 important components of recharging your body. Let the RECHARGE Strategist teach you how to recharge physically.


To be happy, healthy, and feel total harmony in your life you must know yourself inside out. You must let go of the undesired things in your past, forgive yourself and others in order to move forward and walk in your greatness. Let the RECHARGE Strategist teach you how to recharge emotionally.