The Fearless Living Experience
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The Fearless Living Experience


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The Fearless Living Experience

by Cheryl M. Wood

In this anthology, 27 women share their compelling stories of fearlessly overcoming life’s curveballs. Included are topics on resilience after divorce, death & bereavement, and attempted suicide.

Published by Moms R The Best | Publication Date: June 4, 2015
174 pages | Paperback $11.61 | Kindle $4.99

“BRAVO Cheryl Wood! You’ve captured extraordinary stories with phenomenal & resilient women!!! The BOOK LAUNCH was AMAZING!!! Each chapter was 100% transparent and each women truly poured her heart & soul into her testimony! I feel so BLESSED to have been a part of this Fearless Living Experience because in doing so, it allowed me to meet twenty-six (26) Fabulous Warriors/Authors; share a part of my life that was extremely difficult and how I fought back and bounced back (Chapter 15) to inspire and empower other women (& men) who may be experiencing the same setback or know someone who is – “Gift” this compeling & captivating book to a family member and/or friend and “bless” them…. I believe his book is one, which will HELP to HEAL many Broken Women become FEARLESS!! The World needs more books like this one!!!!!! Coo Cooooooooooooooo…Bam Boom Pow!!! A MUST READ”