Happy, Healthy, Harmonious


Chere Cofield International, LLC (“CCI”) is a health and wellness company that focuses on the total person, from the outward appearance to the inner core of a person with special focus on Stress management. This focus is exhibited by means of Health/Wellness Seminars, Creative Visualization Exercises, Workshops, Expos and Lifestyle Coaching.

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The primary goal of CCI is to educate, motivate, and support the general public as they take a serious interest and concern about their health & wellness. CCI does this by promoting consumption of a healthy diet, increased physical activity, healthy skin care, and stress relieving exercises. If you feel great on the inside & outside your health will be better. Your mental state will be better and you will be able to function at your optimum level.

Learn 10 ways to add 10 years to your life through effective stress management!