Getting Well: Mind, Body & Spirit


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Getting Well: Mind, Body & Spirit

by Linda Ellis Eastman

A powerful book for women involving food allergies, healing your energy body, the mind-body connection, stress, restoring vitality, rebuilding self-esteem,eating well, and more! Written by international naturopaths, chiropractors, wellness consultants, and empowerment coaches including Marcie Wingfield Shanks, Linda Foley Woodrum, DeBorah Little, Dr. Whitney Gabhart, Dawn Peters, Dr. Claire Maguire, Chyna McGarity-Namho, Dawn Campbell, Janice Coleman, Chere M. Goode, Dr. Heather Clark, Andrea Sharp, Michelle Porchia, Peg Fields, Wanda Davis, Dr. Autumn Robinson Eugene, Ophelia Rigault, Darlene Hunter, Dr. Joanne Siebert, Dr. Venessa Walker, Barbara Cormack, Susan Rydberg, Gwendolyn Sutton, Rachel Moore and Kim Evans. A MUST-read!

Published by Professional Woman Publishing | Publication Date: March 28, 2013

388 pages | Paperback $16.04