The Fearless Living Experience



The Fearless Living Experience

by Cheryl M. Wood

In this anthology, 27 women share their compelling stories of fearlessly overcoming life’s curveballs. Included are topics on resilience after divorce, death & bereavement, and attempted suicide.

Published by Moms R The Best | Publication Date: June 4, 2015
174 pages | Paperback $11.61 | Kindle $4.99

“BRAVO Cheryl Wood! You’ve captured extraordinary stories with phenomenal & resilient women!!! The BOOK LAUNCH was AMAZING!!! Each chapter was 100% transparent and each women truly poured her heart & soul into her testimony! I feel so BLESSED to have been a part of this Fearless Living Experience because in doing so, it allowed me to meet twenty-six (26) Fabulous Warriors/Authors; share a part of my life that was extremely difficult and how I fought back and bounced back (Chapter 15) to inspire and empower other women (& men) who may be experiencing the same setback or know someone who is – “Gift” this compeling & captivating book to a family member and/or friend and “bless” them…. I believe his book is one, which will HELP to HEAL many Broken Women become FEARLESS!! The World needs more books like this one!!!!!! Coo Cooooooooooooooo…Bam Boom Pow!!! A MUST READ”