The Fearless Living Experience Coming June 2015


The Glamourless Side of Entrepreneurship

“Cheryl Wood has created this valuable collaboration of 25 women. If one woman wrote this book it would be worth reading. However, publishing the stories of 25 different views on the same subject provides a broader perspective and deeper insights.”


The Crash that Altered My Life

“I put myself in the situation that Chere faced and had made personal choices that will change my life from today forward.”
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Getting Well: Mind, Body & Spirit

A powerful book for women involving food allergies, healing your energy body, the mind-body connection, stress, restoring vitality, rebuilding self-esteem and eating well.


Keys to Living Uncuffed

This highly anticipated key collection challenges women who wish to truly release anything preventing them for living life to the fullest. This extraordinary book delves deeper than others, because of the large range of skills and life lessons among the contributing authors.
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The Crash that Altered My Life (Audio)

Get The Crash that Altered My Life in Audio.
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Let’s Talk Less Stress With Chere Cofield” on DVD

Get “Let’s Talk Less Stress With Chere Cofield” on DVD
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Stress Less Bundle Pack

Includes copy of “Let’s Talk Less Stress” with Chere dvd, autographed copy of “The Crash That Altered My Life” book, “The Crash That Altered My Life” book on disk, and Stress Less workbook
Cost $69.99 includes S&H

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