The GlamourLess Side of Entrepreneurship


The Glamourless Side of Entrepreneurship –
What They Didn’t Tell You about Being a Woman in Business!

by Cheryl M. Wood

This book serves as an inspiring guide to empower, inspire and equip aspiring, start-up, and seasoned women entrepreneurs to face the challenges of being in business head-on and stay the course.

Published by Moms R The Best | Publication Date: January 5, 2012
174 pages | Paperback $19.86 | Kindle $12.99 | Buy the Book


Cheryl Wood has created this valuable collaboration of 25 women. If one woman wrote this book it would be worth reading. However, publishing the stories of 25 different views on the same subject provides a broader perspective and deeper insights. At this point, I must mention that I wrote one chapter. However, I read everyone else’s only after the book was published. I thoroughly enjoyed them and related to many of them. In this book, any woman thinking about going off on their own, or having done so, is sure to read about thoughts they have had, goals they have dreamed, experiences that have pulled them down, or lifted them up. You might identify and at least appreciate great commonality amongst the women: persistence, resilience, and the drive of each woman to keep moving forward. 25 stories create an excellent road map and excellent advice for what women in business might experience. It is the combination of stories and experiences that make this book such a winner.

– Barbara Greenwald-Sheinfeld

I am so glad that Cheryl Wood put this phenomenal anthology together because I know the priceless value that her own voice brings to the conversation of entrepreneurial success. (She was our keynote speaker for our very first annual Atlanta networking event for WAHMs WIN.) Now I can see her voice magnified x25 to the infinite power. These women, some of whose work I’m already familiar with, like Lucinda Cross and Katrina Harrell, are the real deal. I’m not trying to be cliche, I’m serious.

Now that I own one book with wisdom from all of them plus many others, WOW!

I love how Cheryl breaks down the problem she experienced of having false expectations about entrepreneurship before she started and how she uses her own and others stories to help us now avoid this.

This topic has been discussed on our podcast for WAHMs WIN since we launched it last summer. We have been doing the same, telling the real stories of real entrepreneurs who don’t have anything to gain back from our audience. It’s so important for people who are getting started to hear the truth and to see the real lives of the folks they’re learning from so that they can know what to really expect.

Cheryl’s list of 8 glamourless truths is like a treasure trove of wisdom, and that’s just the first chapter of the book!!

Lucinda’s creative way of telling her story includes a list of mistakes/wrong-thinking contrasted with wisdom nuggets that you really need to pay attention to. She breaks down the mindset that almost destroyed her dream of being a work-at-home mom. And she breaks down how she has been able to overcome and move forward.

Each of the ladies in this book shares their own voice of truth, and together that makes this book one of the most valuable that I’ve ever possessed, and I’m grateful to have access to this wisdom. Definitely recommend this book.

– Donna Johnson

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